A4 Framed Artworks – Various

  • wA4 Framed Art - Knysna Turaco I Knysna Loerie
  • wA4 Framed Art - Collared Sunbird I Kortbeksuikerbekkie
  • wA4 Framed Art - Green Twinspot I Groenkolpensie
  • wA4 Framed Art - Orange-Breasted Sunbird I Oranjesuikerbekkie
  • wA4 Framed Art - Ground Hornbill I Bromvoel
  • wA4 Art - Forest Floor Fern
  • wA4 Framed Art - Delicious Monster I

FOR SALE: R750 each (Includes Frame & Excludes Shipping in SA)       Size: ± A4 + Frame

Check images below to see the framed version.

Artwork Description:

These A4 Artworks are all done exclusively with palette knife. This means that they have vibrant colours and contain strong marks and edges.
They are more playful artworks and will liven any space.
1. Knysna Turaco | Knysna Loerie
2. Collared Sunbird | Kortbeksuikerbekkie
3. Green Twinspot | Groenkolpensie (male/mannetjie)
4. Orange-Breasted Sunbird | Oranjesuikerbekkie
5. Ground Hornbill | Bromvoël
6. Forest Floor Fern
7. Delicious Monster Plant
These artworks are all neatly framed – check the images below.


  • A4 Framed Art - Knysna Turaco
  • A4 Framed Art -
  • A4 Framed Art - Little Green Twin Spot (Male)
  • A4_
  • A4 Framed Art - Ground Hornbill
  • A4 Framed Art - Forest Floor Fern
  • IMG_1397

Collection & Payment

I would love to hear from you.  Questions and inquiries are welcome (contact form below).


  • Personal collections in Richards Bay, RSA
  • Local Shipping (RSA): Postnet-to-Postnet shipping. Budget R100
  • International Shipping: Details to be discussed on a case by case basis.
    Please note: Most countries charge an additional import tax that is payable by the client at the point of delivery and varies from country to country. Please check with your local authorities.

Payments: Once-Off Payment

For Local (South African) Payments:

An EFT transfer or cash is accepted.
Please contact me via the Contact Form below stating what A4 Framed Artwork you are interested in.  We can then also discuss the collection details / shipment.

OR For International Payments:

International Payments are done via PayPal.  Prices on this Website are listed in South African Rand. Convert the Rand value to that of your own local currency.  The South African Rand is not a very strong currency so it will probably be very affordable.
Please Note: shipment fees are not included and is to be payed by the buyer.
Please email through the contact form below & name the artwork you are interested in. I look forward to hearing from you!

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• December 18, 2018

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