Sea on the Rocks II

FOR SALE: R4900 (Includes Shipping in SA)      Size: ± 30 x 92 x 3,5cm / 12 x 36 x 1,5″

Artwork Description:

Sea on the Rocks II is the second artwork in a mini series.  Sea on the Rocks I & II are both expressive Artworks that show an aerial views of where the ocean meets a rocky shoreline. What differentiates Sea on the Rocks II from I is that it comes across as being more peaceful and has a lower contrast value.  This birds-eye-view shows a more transparent ocean with less splash and action so to speak.  The viewer can see deeper below the surface of the water, as well as observe more detail of the rocks themselves.
It’s colours are soft toned while still maintaining a distinct darker section toward the bottom and a brighter one toward the top. Water pockets are formed behind the ridge line, allowing for an in between space where wet and dry land meets. I also used pallet knives extensively as in Sea on the Rocks I, but with a lighter touch.

Collection & Payment Options

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  • Personal collections in Richards Bay, RSA
  • Local Shipping (RSA): Postnet-to-Postnet shipping is included.
  • International Shipping: Details to be discussed on a case by case basis.
    Please note: Most countries charge an additional import tax that is payable by the client at the point of delivery and varies from country to country. Please check with your local authorities.

Payment Options:

1.  A Full Once-Off Payment

OR Incremental Payments over 3 or 5 Months*

  • 3 Month Option for Artworks < R5000
    • Artwork Total / 3
  • 3 Or 5 Month Option for Artwork > R5000
    • Artwork Total / 3
    • Or Artwork Total /5
*Monthly Payments must be made by the last calendar day of each month.

2. For Local (South African) Payments:

An EFT transfer or cash is accepted.
Please contact me via the Contact Form below this section so that I can send you a quote that reflects your payment preferences. We can then also discuss the collection details / shipment.

OR For International Payments:

International Payments are done via PayPal.  Prices on this Website are listed in South African Rand. Convert the Rand value to that of your own local currency.  The South African Rand is not a very strong currency so it will probably be very affordable.
Please Note: shipment fees are not included and is to be payed by the buyer.
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• August 20, 2018

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