Tugela Mouth

FOR SALE: R6800 (Includes Shipping in SA)       Size: ± 60 x 80 x 3,5cm / 24 x 34 x 1,5″

Artwork Description:

Tugela Mouth is like a cousin to “Along the Dolphin Coast” as they both capture scenery from the KwaZulu Natal North coast.  They do not form a series as such, but would go well together as their colour schemes are related. Both have a turquoise tendency and both of them have low hanging clouds – a stormy day by the sea without it raining just yet.
The Tugela river runs through Natal and one often pass over the river itself or towns and places that contain a reference to it. This artwork captures the stream where it runs into the ocean. The photo I worked from was taken by the end of winter so the river was more like a small stream. The photo was taken from a distance which explains the angle of the artwork where the ocean is in the foreground without being super close to the onlooker.
The people walking on the beach gives this artwork a sense of scale otherwise not possible. Even though they are very small, one’s eye is immediately drawn toward them. The line on the horizon is blurred with the ocean scene fading into they sky. The clouds are particularly eye catching as they convey a sense of drama and depth. I used the opacity and transparent properties of the paint to achieve this see through effect.
I again used a combination of brush and palette knife techniques as with “Along the Dolphin Coast”.
I just love creating seascapes!! Let me know what you think at the end of the page at the comments section.

Collection & Payment Options

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  • Personal collections in Richards Bay, RSA
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  • International Shipping: Details to be discussed on a case by case basis.
    Please note: Most countries charge an additional import tax that is payable by the client at the point of delivery and varies from country to country. Please check with your local authorities.

Payment Options:

1.  A Full Once-Off Payment

OR Incremental Payments over 3 or 5 Months*

  • 3 Month Option for Artworks < R5000
    • Artwork Total / 3
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    • Artwork Total / 3
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*Monthly Payments must be made by the last calendar day of each month.

2. For Local (South African) Payments:

An EFT transfer or cash is accepted.
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OR For International Payments:

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• December 17, 2018

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