WA: Watercolour Artworks | AA: Acrylic Artworks

1. Get an idea / gather photo(s) you like*

WA: Botanical Themes

AA: I can easily combine, leave out or replace any part of the photo’s / images from which I will create the artwork. I’ll make sure to take into account artistic elements like colour, balance & detail throughout the process.

2. Email your ideas to me


3. We can then determine the best composition.

4. Download the Price & Size List

(It also contains details on pickup / delivery arrangements)


5. Payment

A deposit amount is required before I can start with any project and the full payment ... Click to continue reading.

A deposit amount is required before I can start with any project and the full payment before the artwork can be released / shipped.

WA: 50% non-refundable deposit when you place your order | other 50% on completion

AA: Choose an Option:

Options 1: 40% Deposit + 60% on Completion

Option 2: Artwork > R3000 ~ 33.3% x 3 over 3 Months

Option 3: Artwork > R5000 ~ 20% x 5 over 5 Months

More details in the Price & Size List (PDF).

6. Time-frame

WA: 2-4 weeks

AA: The time-frame is highly dependent on the size of the project, but 2 months is a good average.

*Please Note: I am adventurous with themes for artworks, but if your request includes something I am not comfortable with, I would advise you to rather find someone else for such a project. I am primarily a landscape & nature artist (including architecture) and prefer to work with themes along these lines.

**Please Note: Full Payment is required before the artwork is released.




LanaArtProfilePicSince I can remember, I have always loved being creative! Drawing and painting is the way I express myself. After nearly having lost sight in both my eyes, I am more determined than ever that I must use my artistic talent!

I currently live in Richardsbay, a coastal town in KwaZulu Natal, South African. I am originally from Pretoria.

I am an artist with a sense of adventure. I love visiting new natural settings while feeling the wind in my face. I am also quite fond of old architectural structures and buildings.

Through the use of art I can relive and explore my experiences – capturing textures and patterns; the interplay between light and colour.

I completed a degree in Landscape Architecture (BSc. L.Arch) at the University of Pretoria which greatly expanded my creative skills and enriched my walk as an artist.

While growing up, my family and I traveled through unique landscapes. As I am not a good ProfilePicMorcar-snoozer, I spent countless hours looking at the passing scenery. Thinking. Dreaming. Staring… Drinking in the landscape. Combine this with a little girl who distinguished between her right and left hand by testing with which one she could draw a flower, and, after many years of hard work and a passion for art, I became a full-time Artist.



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I am filled with awe when I think of the marvel of sight itself.  I nearly lost my sight after a very serious bacterial infection. My right eye recovered much faster than the left, which took several months to stabilize. This life changing and challenging situation has made me even more determined to pursue my art career and be passionate about it. I consequently had a cornea transplant.  The healing process takes on average 12 months so I’m still waiting to have functional sight in my left eye. 

I believe that art has the power to capture the hearts of people – their attention and imagination. Unfortunately this powerful medium is also used to add to the confusion, meaninglessness and darkness that is part our world.

Creativity is one of the most obvious characteristics of God – this is evident in how creative He had been in all of Creation. I found it interesting that, according to the Bible, the first person of whom it was said to have been “filled with the Spirit” was Bezalel (see Exodus 31:1-5 & also 28:3) so that he would be able to make artistic designs.

In all that I do, including art, I want to honour my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. My artwork is an expression of worship to my King. It has been said that art is always a means and never an end in itself.”





When enquiring about an Artwork I can send you a Quote that indicates the different payment breakdowns as it applies to the Artwork you are interested in. There is a Contact Form below this section.


  • Personal collections in Richards Bay, RSA
  • Local Shipping (RSA):
    – WA: Shipping is for the bill of the buyer. However, if you are in the Pretoria area: I periodically ship Watercolour Artworks there where you can collect them from my contact person without charge.
    – AA: Postnet-to-Postnet shipping is included in prices.
  • International Shipping: Details to be discussed on a case by case basis.
    Please note: Most countries charge an additional import tax that is payable by the client at the point of delivery and varies from country to country. Please check with your local authorities.

Watercolour Artworks:

  • Once-off Full Payment
  • 50% non-refundable deposit when you place your order | other 50% on completion

Acrylic Artworks:

1. A Full Once-Off Payment

2. Incremental Payments over 3 or 5 Months*

  • 3 Month Option for Artworks > R3000
    • Artwork Total / 3
  • 3 Or 5 Month Option for Artwork > R5000
    • Artwork Total / 3
    • Or Artwork Total /5
*Monthly Payments must be made by the last calendar day of each month.

2. Local (South African) Payment Details:

An EFT transfer or cash is accepted.
Please contact me via the Contact Form below this section so that I can send you a quote that reflects your payment preferences. We can then also discuss the collection details / shipment.

3. International Payments:

International Payments are done via PayPal  Prices on this Website are listed in South African Rand. Compare the value of the Rand  to your own local currency in order to estimate what it will cost you.  The South African Rand is not a very strong currency so it will probably be very affordable.
Please Note: shipment fees are not included and is to be payed by the buyer.
Please email through the contact form below for enquiries (please name the artwork), to place an order or for general questions and comments. I look forward to hearing from you!


Would you like learn the approach & techniques I use when creating Art? For more information download the link(s) shown below. You can also Contact me via the Contact Page below

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